At Monday’s market I found some nice shell-like buttons and spent the afternoon sewing them onto my old coat.  I’d lost one of the previous set of brown buttons and knew I really didn’t want to wear the coat minus an obvious button for another year.

Never mind that I can’t take a self-photo to save my life, that this one has all my laundry supplies in the background.  Or that when I took the photo, I noticed that I’d positioned one of the buttons too high. (I covered that one up.) This is my first step towards being a little less “frumpy Upper West Side,” and a little more Italian.  I had to start somewhere!


4 thoughts on “Buttons

  1. I love the post and the photo. It’s so nice to see you again. You definitely do NOT look “frumpy upper west side”, but then again, I never thought you did. But what do I know? I’m certainly “frumpy and careless Far West Village” so I always thought you seemed very put together.

  2. Very chic, Laura. You look great! I remember my sister-in-law commenting on how put together the Italians are, fashion-wise. Their strategy, she said, is to buy one really nice outfit per season instead of more items of lesser quality, like Americans tend to do. I have similar challenges in Jordan, where personal grooming borders on being an art form.

  3. Well, aren’t you all nice! Perhaps I just feel frumpy next to all these Italians. How they wear heels on cobblestones, I’ll never know. But I find Danskos much more comfortable, and I get more exercise by walking faster.

    Beth, I think you were my inspiration for growing out my color, because yours looks great! Part of my frumpy feeling, I’m sure, is because I still have streaks of oxidized reddish-brown growing out in the back. Oh, well. I shouldn’t be vain!

    Melissa, I’ve been buying one outfit per year (or less!) for a while now. So perhaps I’ll be in good company. But I also have a penchant for ruining clothes, so it’s hard to keep up. The latest victim is a white crochet sweater that was one of the few nice things in my suitcase! And last year’s nice sweater mysteriously disappeared. Perhaps I don’t need to explain the circumstances, as you have teen girls, too.

    Barbara, I wish I could see you in person, too! I know we were supposed to come to NYC next week for the consulate, but I still don’t know what’s going on with the visa process, so it looks like we’re not coming yet, at least. Sarie is sneaking looks at plane fares and threatening to go without me!

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