Photo of…

Care to hazard a guess?


7 thoughts on “Photo of…

  1. Hmmm…. a picture taken in a dark room, while in bed, of a balcony window overlooking a well-lit street? Probably way off, but looking at it on my phone, it’s the best I can come up with. 🙂

  2. Lynn, you’re close. It’s a photo I took of Sarie, who is sitting on a bean bag chair with a blue blanket pulled over her head, reading the Iliad on an iPad. The orange part is the street outside.

    Of course, no one would be expected to guess all those details! I just thought there was an interesting and mysterious atmosphere when I walked into the room, so I took a photo of it.

    And Jody, it does rather look like some sort of church window, doesn’t it?

  3. Well, L & M guessed, without reading your reply. L thought that it was Sarie sitting in a church. I think that the Sarie guess was simply a process of elimination. M thought that there was a pillow of some sort involved. None of us suspected that the Iliad was also a participant.

  4. Now that I look at this, I can see more and more why people might think it looks like a church. It has an ornate railing, and behind it, spaced at regular intervals, some light that might just be candles. And there’s that color of blue that’s associated with stained glass windows.

    And really, without any severed limbs in the photo, why would anyone guess the Iliad is involved? Sarie has been reading me some of these parts. Nice.

  5. Hey, I thought I made a guess here when this post first came up! And I was actually right. I thought it was a “fort” under a blanket with someone (and I was pretty sure it wasn’t you or Bob!) under there reading or drawing or something (but I was thinking “flashlight” or “Mighty-Brite”). I saw enough of this kind of thing over the years with my kids. . . minus the pretty light coming through the window (but given my blanket-fort guess, that’s what I thought the light was, too).

    Susan, feeling pretty sharp right now!

  6. Susan, this photo reminded me of one of my favorite Melissa calendar drawings, the one with all the animals in a living room fort on a rainy day. So I figured you’d know what it was!

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