Sarie (literally) makes her bed

by Laura A

And while she was at it, she made a bookcase and a desk, too.

After three weeks in our new Torino apartment, the whole family was still surrounded by boxes, but no one more so than Sarie. She had left her loft bed, along with its desk and chest of drawers, in New York. And she had left her closet, too, which was a shame, because an amazing amount of stuff fit into that standard 2-foot deep closet. Sarie’s room in New York was very small, about 8 x 10 with a corner cut out, but there was theoretically a place for everything—as long as she got rid of one item for every new item brought in, which of course didn’t happen.

Sarie’s large but closet-less room in Torino, before furniture.

But after three weeks of sleeping on an air mattress in our new apartment, and never knowing where anything was, Sarie was ready for a trip to IKEA. All along she’d been eyeing a certain trundle bed with drawers underneath, though she held out for a while to see if there was a possibility of real antique (or old, at least) furniture.  The need for order, any order, eventually got the better of all of us, and we bought the bed, along with a bookshelf and a desk.

So last week, while I supervised the delivery of the kitchen, a rental piano, several different utility hookups, and my parents, Sarie disappeared into her room like Wile E. Coyote after the arrival of the Acme truck.  I would hear the sound of the power screw driver and hammering, and voila! a piece of furniture would appear.

It helped that IKEA products come with predrilled holes and include the proper hardware, I’m sure, but Sarie was quite confident and self-sufficient. My dad and Bob both help went into her room from time to time to help with the larger pieces, but they both freely admitted that theirs had been merely auxiliary roles.

We did discover during this process that Sarie really does need some kind of closet, even if not one of the sturdy American variety.  So the next trip to IKEA will include a wardrobe to hold Sarie’s clothes. But we’re making progress. Now, if only she liked cleaning up her room as much as she likes building furniture, I’m sure it would look like an IKEA catalog in there!

During the past week, we also made some progress on the kitchen and finally had our Thanksgiving dinner, but more about that later.