A little last minute window shopping

by Laura A

I was going to post about something a little more meaningful, but I’m behind in packing and it required too much thought.  Besides which, these Christmas windows won’t be around for much longer!  The first picture is just for my New York friends, and it’s the photo that got me started taking pictures of Christmas windows again yesterday afternoon.  Look carefully at the back of this little cable car, and I think you’ll see something familiar.


And doesn’t it just figure that Italian Barbies would dress better than their American counterparts?

Speaking of which, these red shoes are almost enough to make me want to go clothes shopping, and that’s saying a lot!

I suppose the top window must be in English because it’s an English or American store.  I kind of want one of those Postmodern faux-fancy lamps, only I’d rather have it as chandelier, since chandeliers are so Torino. The bottom window is even cooler, though, and it’s from an Italian store.

And these are just cute.  They remind me of Pylones, but they’re not.

As we started to walk back down Pietro Micca and Cernaia under the portici, I saw one of those typically Torinese pasticceria windows, all outfitted with elegantly wrapped panettone, a white squirrel, and a golden sequined reindeer. Why not?

Also, I love the way all the neon shop signs look as it starts to get dark.  The white balls are part of Grom, the famous gelateria that also has a branch in the Village (and I just now discovered, another on W. 76th and Broadway!).

And finally, here’s my favorite of the winter light displays, the constellation one.  Some friends of ours wrote the designer, and asked why they didn’t recognize all of the constellations.  He replied that it was because he made some of them up!  I really like the crenulated towers silhouetted against the dusk sky, too.

Tomorrow we leave for the US, specifically Georgia.  It’s a very different place.  Maybe Elvis will come by and Blue Christmas in his spandex suit again!  But whether he does or not, we’ll be happy to see all our family and friends.

Merry Christmas!