Southern snow

It has been snowing since Saturday.  While Italy more known for sun than snow, it does dress well in white.  Bob took the picture above on the way home from work.  It’s of Largo Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the many elegant public spaces in Torino that features a bronze statue.

I took the other photos below (except the last two) at home this morning.  Pardon me for not being able to resist a few Pixlr effects.  I just learned how to add them and maybe got a little carried away!

When I close my balcony shutters in the evening, they scrape the top of the snow and bring it into the apartment.  So I’ve been keeping a broom and dustpan next to the doors in the living room, where the shutters bring in the most snow.  Every time I sweep up the snow and dump it back onto the balcony so it won’t soak the parquet, I’m reminded not only how different the architecture is here from New York, but also now it’s inherently more suited to southern climes.  No one sat down on a committee and decided this–it just suited.  Torinesi know enough about snow to have plows, salt, and snow tires.  But don’t ask the elegant women to forgo their high heeled boots, and what Torinese would dream of living in a home without a balcony?

Photos above, top to bottom: 1. The view outside my breakfast room/study into the courtyard 2. View of the balcony doors from our bedroom (note the semi-tropical plant, covered in snow, on the balcony next door) 3-5.  Views from the back balcony into the back courtyard, where there are some more colorful flowers just out of the photo. 6. Less elegant, but very comfortable, women from New York, walking home through the Roman quarter in waterproof, low-heeled boots.  7.  The height of snowy elegance–the Palazzo Madama in the center of town.


4 thoughts on “Southern snow

  1. Is that movie set in Torino? I need to go look it up. The only other one I know of is The Italian Job (sixties version), and I hate seeing all those Mini-Coopers going off the sides of the mountain. It’s like seeing Herbie the Love Bug meet his end!

    I sure wish I could get rid of the white space between the photos. It doesn’t show in the editor, but when I publish, there it is. Small thing, but not as *elegant.*

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