Thought of the day

“The Thinker” by Thomas Reis

I used to paint portraits, and sometimes as I think about whether, when Sarie is completely grown, I should return to that or do something else.  Anyway, in that spirit of reverie, I found this site today.  It’s no small feat to paint like this guy does, with not only skill, but grace and insight.  So I offer it to you as my thought of the day.

I hope Mr. Reis won’t mind my nabbing his photo to illustrate my point and direct you to his site.



3 thoughts on “Thought of the day

  1. What a beautiful thought you had for today! I’m absolutely in love with this artist. It’s as if each person could walk out of the picture and speak to us. Could “The Violinist” be your Sarie?

    How did you come upon this artist, may I ask?

  2. Melissa, I hope Andrew likes this!

    Jody, I found the site through the Portrait Society of Atlanta, an organization that I have belonged to for many years. I’ve never met this artist, though, because he came along after I’d moved to New York.

    I don’t think the violinist bears much resemblance to Sarie, or the room to any place I’ve lived, but it’s still a nice painting! I love the concentration of the little boy playing (studying, really) the piano, too.

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