Performance clothes

by Laura A


We’re always on the lookout for performance clothes for Sarie, because we have a hard time finding anything for her age but “prom” dresses.  Italian dress clothes are often nicer than what you find at US department stores, but they’re also more expensive.  So I was very pleased the other day when I went into a dress store near the conservatory and found a whole rack of deeply discounted dresses upstairs.  I even saw one that might work.

The store is run by three sisters who design and, if I understood correctly, also produce their own clothes.  There are some really imaginative clothes in this store, some combining inspiration from historical costume with modern feel.  I saw reinterpreted medieval outfits, a Greek chiton as a ball gown (my favorite thing in the store) and a reinterpreted shawl and hat circa 1910, like something a postmodern Mary Poppins might wear.

We went back yesterday.  And the dress was just right.  A gold silk underdress with a sheer, wine-red layer on top.  A pair of deeply discounted shoes to match.  And then we remembered a gold shawl I found on sale in Georgia after Christmas, thinking it might come in handy to dress up some skirt and blouse.

I’m not much of a shopper, but I love it when this happens.  All done, with a high-quality dress for a fraction of the original price.  Actually, it’s never happened before, and that’s why the post!

Sarie has a studio recital this afternoon, and a chamber performance on March 23.  She’ll be playing Beethoven’s Spring Sonata.