Three stops this summer…

First stop: Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, in northern Tuscany, where we will stay at the Bertolanis’ and attend the IAM summer festival for the third straight year.  And for the second straight year, two of my friend Barbara’s kids will be joining us.  We are really looking forward to the whole vacation/reunion/festival!

Above: The main entrance of La Rocca, or the town hall, of Castelnuovo.

Next stop:  Georgia.  My homeland, if I have one.  These two dear friends will remain anonymous, unless their mother wants to name them.  But they do rather add to the ambience, don’t you think?  We’re looking forward to seeing all our friends and family in Athens and Atlanta (or thereabouts).

Last stop: New York.  My home for fourteen years, until last September.  It will be Sarie’s and my first trip back, and it’s still hard to believe we don’t live there anymore.  But most of the time Sarie will be at yet another music festival in the Catskills, taking lessons from a teacher she really admires.  And Bob and I will spend a little time in the Catskills, too.  But I’ll have a little free time in the city while Bob works, so if you are a New York friend who wants to have coffee, let me know!

After that, I’m not quite sure what we’ll do.  There are some decisions coming up, and they don’t make for good processing on the fly.  But I’ll update when I can.

Can’t you tell I chose these photos for contrast?  I took the first two, and Bob took the last one.


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