Performances in Castelnuovo

by Laura A

Here are a few photos (and one video) from the kids’ performances in Castelnuovo last month. They performed several times throughout the two-week program–solo, chamber and orchestra. But most of the photos below are from two performances their oboe quartet did in the center of town as publicity for the program.  The performances took place during the late afternoon as the shops reopened after siesta, which is usually a lively hour anyway. On the day of these performances, there was also a wedding going on, which added to the overall festive atmosphere. I hope some of that comes through.

A couple of these photos benefit from a little commentary.  First, the girls in shorts in the third photo down are all local town girls who volunteered to help with the festival.  When they saw us taking photos between performances, they ran up and immediately posed themselves, shouting, “Anch’io!  Anch’io!” (“Me, too!”)  Italian girls are…not shy.  The resulting photo made us all smile.

The kids had never met the oboist, Rajan, before the program, but they quickly decided that he was talented.

Also, the woman below with the poodle is the mother of Michael, who is the pianist from the kids’ piano quartet.  Michael attended Manhattan School of Music with Sarie and is an excellent pianist.  Their family comes every year and are a big presence at the festival.

(And now a disclaimer:  A couple of these photos aren’t mine, but I’m not sure whose they are.  If they’re yours and you want credit, just let me know!)

These last photos below are of Dmitri Berlinsky (Sarie’s teacher) rehearsing with the festival orchestra, and of  the Italian IAM staff with the kids’ piano quartet (All blond-ish, L to R: Lydia and Sarie in front, Michael and Matthias in back.)  I have to admit, Berlinsky didn’t play like he wanted to be there.  But the so-called “Magenta Quartet” (the piano quartet) did.  For the second year in a row, Sarie, Lydia and Matthias’ group wore black and magenta, the colors of the festival, as a final flourish to an already light-hearted program. They closed the final concert with Schumann to long and enthusiastic applause.