Random photos from yesterday evening

by Laura A

As if we’d entered a post-oil age, this photo shows a non-motorized push mower (that’s Sarie, enjoying the novelty of grass) and kids (her cousins and a friend) traveling by chariot. Finding an abandoned chariot is apparently one of the perks of living in a college town.  (Athens, Georgia)  My sister’s family are absolutely the first in their neighborhood to have one.

My nephew apparently has quite an aptitude for chess, and Bob enjoyed teaching him to beat Sarie. (I think they went 1/1, actually.)

And here’s me, just because I rarely have any photos taken of myself.  I guess I could have smiled more if I’d known Sarie was going to take a picture of me, but I didn’t. I’m wearing a dress I found for $6 at a thrift shop, and a scarf-as-shawl, since I’ve now become Italian enough that I get cold in air-conditioned houses, even if it is incredibly hot and humid outside.

Georgia is one of three places we call home.  It’s nice to be here.