by Laura A

Last week Sarie and I went to the small town of Rovigo in the Veneto region. It’s almost all the way to Venice. The buildings were brighter than in Torino, the accent was a little different, most of the menus had seafood with bigoli (thick spaghetti), and there were unlocked bicycles everywhere.

We went for a violin competition, the Premio Nazionale delle Arti.  We went in order to see and meet some good Italian violinists, and that’s exactly what happened.  Sarie made friends with the other girl who went from the Conservatorio G. Verdi Torino and now they’re scheming to do concerts together.  That alone was worth the trip.

And we had a little time to walk around and take some photos.


In other news today, we had our appointment at the questura and everything went well.  I felt like a child feels after getting out of one of those doctor appointments in which they have to get vaccines. That wasn’t so terrible!  I think going to the patronato helped.