Short Sandy post

by Laura A

(I made a few corrections below based on your comments!)

I know this blog isn’t a place to go for Sandy updates, but needless to say, I’ve been following the news.  And I just thought that I’d post that I’ve heard at least indirectly from some friends who comment here, like Julia and Barbara, and know that they are okay for now. Barbara, though, lives downtown where there’s no power, there was flooding on the lower floors of their building, and when I last heard from her directly, seven of them were home together.* MacBeth is without power, I suspect, in Long Island. Silvana seems to be fine in upstate New York Connecticut. My guess is that Monica, because of her husband’s job, is way out of town. (Actually, she wasn’t!) And our neighborhood and apartment, so far as I can tell, got off relatively light.

*Update: I had an e-mail from Barbara on Friday night.  She told an incredible story, elaborating on the one-sentence version above.  But it’s her family’s story, so I won’t share it unless she wants to later, and naturally she has other priorities at the moment.  I’m hoping they’ll get power back today, but that’s just from reading the papers.  They ask for prayers for their neighbors.

Among other friends who aren’t necessarily blog readers, everyone I’ve heard about so far is okay.  This doesn’t mean they’re back to normal, but just that they’re coping with things as they are. Bob’s former colleague and now family friend Rachel, an Upper West Sider quoted in this story, says she didn’t really yell at the cab.

This photo, from the Do-Something page on Facebook, is one of my favorites from the storm.  It’s a guy who set up a hub on the street to charge people’s cellphones

Most updates and news I see are rather typically New York-under-duress: stoic, generous, creative, exhibiting a clever gallows humor, but I’m aware that for some people, things are much worse or may become so.  I feel somewhat the same way I did after September 11, which was the event that took us from being temporary New Yorkers (we arrived in early 1998) to long-term ones.  Only I don’t live there now.

I’m reading the NY Times, which is free right now, but I find that NY1 and Gothamist also have useful news.  And I’m following a couple of Twitter feeds, but I’m new to Twitter, so don’t really have any idea what I’m doing. If anyone else finds another good news source or has first-hand news, feel free to post it here.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, New Yorkers and metro New Yorkers.  I know you’ve got other things to worry about right now, but check in if you get a chance!