Winter lights


1. Via Po 2. Several photos from Via Roma 3. Piazza San Carlo

On Sunday, Sarie went with the young adults from our church to tour the lights Torino puts up all over the city center during the winter. Every year, whoever puts them up picks different streets for each set of decorations. They’re not all Christmas decorations, but some of them are. They really do add a lot of beauty to the city during the dark days of December.

DSC_1342DSC_1414The story street, Via Maria Vittoria, is one of our favorites.  It starts out, “The city was full of noise. It was ever more difficult to speak and to listen. And then there were the silent woods, but in the silence of the woods, there was lost…”  and at this point, I lose the story in the depth of the perspective!

The leap frog street, we think, is Accademia delle Scienze.  There are many other lighted streets as well.

DSC_1357DSC_1366There was also a tram festival going on all day Sunday, with historic trams in service.


This nativity scene is in Piazza Carlo Felice, at the end of Via Roma and across from the main train station, Porta Nuova (it’s visible in the third photo from the top, but in person you can even see it from Piazza San Carlo).  These figures remind me of old Maurice Sendak drawings, but the artist’s name is Emanuele Luzzati.

May your Advent nights be full of light!

All photo credits Sarie.


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