Merry Christmas!

by Laura A


…Christmas tells us that God became breakable and fragile. God became someone we could hurt. Why? To get us back. And if you believe this and take it into your life, you’re blessed. As you take in the truth of what he did for you—how loved and affirmed you are—you’ll be able to let down your defenses in your own relationships with other people. You won’t always need to guard your honor. You’ll be able to let down the barriers down. You’ll be able to move into intimate relationships with other people.

What is in the package of Christmas? His vulnerability for intimacy with us, which gives us the vulnerability to be intimate with the people around us. If you believe in Christmas—that God became a human being—you have an ability to face suffering, a resource for suffering that others don’t have.

 –Tim Keller

We’re here in Georgia after a twenty-one hour, three-legged flight.  The days leading up to Christmas were busy, so I haven’t been able to write.  But our hearts are full, and we’re glad to be here.

Merry Christmas! I’ll write more when I’m able.