A moment in the spotlight

by Laura A


This has been such a full couple of weeks that I can’t possibly tell it all.  But here’s the short version.

All violinists want to play solo with an orchestra.  Sarie finally got her chance this weekend when she and another conservatory student performed Bach’s Concerto in D Minor for Two Violins in two venues.  On Friday night they performed at their conservatory, and on Saturday night in Vercelli, a small town about halfway between Torino and Milan.  And then on Sunday afternoon Sarie was also in a small Mozart performance.

Sarie and Brice were placed together after an audition last year.  There were three other soloists (a cellist, flautist and clarinetist) performing the same night, all accompanied by a professional orchestra conducted by the conservatory’s conductor, Mario Lamberto.

On Saturday night in Vercelli, the organization that sponsored the performances was present with photographers and a very official, Italian-style ceremony at the end.  One of the photographers kindly sent me the photos in this post.  The performers even got a nice review.

Sarie’s comments on the photos: 2. “We were warming up backstage with the second movement, and the photographers kept clicking away.  We started to get amused, so when we got to the end of the second movement, we glanced at each other, grinned, and spontaneously launched into the third, for their sake.” 3. “That’s Lamberto’s happy face!”  3. The presentation at the end of the performance. Each performer received an art book from the Venice Guggenheim.

Update: Forgot to add that if we get a video eventually, I’ll try to post that, too.