My grandma flies over the ocean…


Sarie and her grandmother backstage during intermission at the Vercelli performance.

We had a guest for Sarie’s performance week–Bob’s mother!  This was Marie’s first trip to a non-English-speaking European country, and she would address Italians in English.  Sometimes we found out this way that people spoke more English than we thought!  But by the end of the week, she had mastered Ciao! and Grazie! and was working on some other short phrases. I think she has started to appreciate our new home.

The two photos below are from Vercelli. Marie really liked Vercelli, even in the dark. I took the photos of the pastries just for Bob’s dad, so he won’t be afraid to visit Italy.  See, they do have donuts!  And many other yummy things besides.

And Mom and Dad, you are invited back any time you want to come!  But to provide a strong motivation, Sarie will work on getting another solo ASAP–maybe even Sibelius.

IMG_1099 IMG_1101


3 thoughts on “My grandma flies over the ocean…

  1. What fun to have grandma with you. What a beautiful lady. Your home is full of beautiful women! Bob must be happy with all these women….or perhaps he feels there is too much estrogen floating around. Maybe both?

  2. How great that Sarie got to have her grandmother with her at her special event! Both photos of all of you are beautiful!

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