Easter windows

DSC_0059 DSC_0058I’m always interested in what’s displayed in the window of Amici Miei,* a nearby pasticceria.  This week, as Easter approaches, the windows are full of pane di pasqua (Easter Bread, and yes, that’s an egg on top) and agnelli pasquali (Easter Lambs).  I think the lambs are made out of a sweet almond paste.  The bread, in some versions, is braided.

Another popular Easter dessert is the columba, or dove. It’s a type of bread made from the same recipe as panettone, which is the main Christmas dessert, except that it’s baked in the shape of a dove and is usually a little smaller than a panettone (which means, literally, “big bread”).

So far, I haven’t eaten any of these Easter desserts.  I’m pretty content just to look at them through the glass.  But I thought this particular lamb’s expression was pretty funny, so I had Sarie take a picture with her phone.  I do confess, however, that one reason for our self-control was that we were on our way to get one last hot chocolate from Grom.

(*Check out the link for some nice photos of their other pastries and also of Il Padellino, our favorite local pizzeria.)


4 thoughts on “Easter windows

  1. I went to the link and I honestly don’t know how you resist those pastries. I’m especially salivating over the cream filled croissants. So many, many beautiful, delicious looking foods. I enjoyed stopping by Amici Miei.

    1. Well, this is not to say that I’ve never eaten any, just that I’ve not tried one of everything! I have eaten the croissants (they call them brioches here), but prefer the empty ones or the ones with a bit of marmalade. Maybe it’s that I have more of a “savory tooth” than a sweet tooth.

      Bur for savories, Il Padellino has a “to die for” appetizer, called, confusingly, the “Amici Miei.” It has soft, puffy fried bread, prosciutto crudo, and three kinds of cheese–ricotta, mozzarella and oh, I don’t know, the one that’s in a money-bag shape and has stracciatella inside it. Of course, this description still doesn’t tell you much, because the ricotta and mozzarella here are completely different and much better! And that bread has a very special taste that is probably a trade secret, it’s so good!

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