Bob in Japan

IMG_0525 - Version 2

I just thought I’d share a few photos from Bob’s twelve-day business trip to Japan. He went with Italians, of course, because he works for an Italian firm. He said it was interesting being in a vortex of Italian/American/Japanese relations where there was usually some overlap between any two given cultures, but never all three. The conference he attended rotates between Asian countries, so next time Japan comes around, I hope to go with him!  It has been on my short list since I was a teen.

Below:  The height of cherry blossom season in Tokyo, a sleek conference room with reflections, the caffeinated secret of those 14-hour workdays, food as art, and an adorable little girl with her dad on a ferry.

IMG_0620 IMG_0656 - Version 2 IMG_0757photo IMG_0451 - Version 3 IMG_0455 - Version 2 IMG_0763 - Version 2IMG_0732 - Version 2



2 thoughts on “Bob in Japan

  1. I love these pictures! Looking at them makes me think of that nice day with your family in the Portland Japanese gardens.

    Some of the food looks frightening, but I do know I like most Japanese food (and not just the Americanized version). When the conference rotates round to Thailand, sign me up to go. I will spend my days there eating street food! (I wish.)

    I hope you do get to go to Japan, Laura!

    1. Bob says two of the five best meals he’s ever eaten (you know how numerical Bob can be) were ones he had during this trip to Japan. Considering that we live in Italy, that’s saying a lot!

      And oh, how I’d love to visit the Japanese garden in Portland with you again! We’ll see!

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