Luì piccolo

Common Chiffchaff, or luì piccolo.  Image from Wikipedia Commons.
Common Chiffchaff, or luì piccolo. Image from Wikipedia Commons.

Though the weather remains cold and cloudy, the willow trees outside our bedroom window have started to put out leaves this week.  This morning I looked out to see three of these tiny birds hovering and feeding among the new buds and leaves.  Having identified a lot of US warblers, I thought I could quickly memorize their markings, but when I went to look in my bird guide, there were a million warblers that looked like this!  But mercifully, one came back, and even sang.  The returning warbler enabled me to get a better look and make an identification.

He’s actually one of the more common European birds, but not too many of them come into the parking lot between our building and the one next door. And there will be even fewer next week when the workers start renovating the exterior of our building. So this morning’s appearance was a real treat!

May your day, wherever you are, contain a bit of serendipity, a luì piccolo of one sort or the other.


2 thoughts on “Luì piccolo

  1. Yes, what a gift you have been given – identifying the little singer must be like icing on the cake of meeting him. Thank you for passing on the gift…birds are such a joyful and heartening part of the life God presents to us every day.

  2. I like the identification part of birding, but not to the exclusion of simply enjoying their beauty and their behavior. Many birds are quite graceful, but some are just plain funny, and I like that about them, too.

    I don’t see as many species here in Italy as I used to in the US, but it is pretty exciting to think that there are lots I still haven’t seen. Now there’s serendipity for you!

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