Laundry day

DSC_0050This view from my balcony is Italian on so many levels that I just had to take a photo.  (I confess that I didn’t notice one of the ways until I enlarged the photo just now.)


4 thoughts on “Laundry day

  1. I hope you are going to explain all the levels, beyond the obvious, which must be that it is common to hang laundry over the balcony…? Where do you dry your laundry, by the way?

  2. Well, yes, there is an almost universal to hang laundry over the balcony, so that’s the first level. But then we have the tendency to wear polo shirts, and in a variety of very bright colors, often with the collar turned up (these admittedly are just hanging down). And we have the tendency to air things out in the sun, and to do it all at once when the seasons change. And we have the habit of keeping the doors wide open all spring and summer, (which I like). And finally, we have what I only noticed when I enlarged the photo, which is the tendency to hang one’s black lace underwear out in full sight too. Of course, I’ve never done a personal survey to ask what women wear, but you see a lot of black lace in the shop windows and in ads.

    Sarie just says she wishes they’d arranged the shirts more chromatically. It looks like they started too, but got a little distracted. Or maybe that last green shirt, not being a polo, had to go into a different category.

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