Homemade cappuccino


This is Sarie’s new favorite thing to make: A homemade cappuccino

Per cup, you’ll need:


A cup of warm milk (just to bubbling)

An egg yolk, preferably at room temperature

A couple of spoonfuls of sugar

Whip the sugar into the egg yolks until they start to turn a lighter color (this takes a while but it will happen eventually). Pour into the bottom of the cup. Cover with the warm milk and a dash of coffee.

Gnam! (“Yum!” In Italian,”gn” is pronounced like “ny.”) To be eaten with cake dipped in it, which naturally, makes delicious crumbs.


I didn’t fall off the face of the earth.  I’ll be back soon.


8 thoughts on “Homemade cappuccino

  1. Thanks, Silvana! GretchenJoanna, this is the first time I ever heard of a cappuccino with egg. Usually it’s just coffee and steamed milk (plus some extra in the coffee, I think) with a bit of cocoa on top. I think perhaps this version is supposed to be fortified for energy. But it’s good!

  2. Interesting! I thought this was a really old-fashioned, no-longer-done thing, but I don’t know what I’m talking about, and you are the one’s who actually live in Italy! It’s fun to see how this is made, and by a budding pro no less! I am a cappuccino drinker–but usually only when made very dry. Melissa is on a mission to try all of the “good” coffee shops in Portland, and when she was in Eugene last weekend, we tried to spots here and critiqued their coffee! 🙂

    1. Now I’m really curious! Where and how did you hear of the cappuccino with sugar and egg in it?

      I like dry a cappuccino, too. That’s sort of what a macchiato is. Sounds like you and Melissa have found a great mission! Buon caffè!

      1. I was actually trying to remember yesterday where I heard of the egg thing. I know I’ve read about it and I seem to remember it being an old method (I may be wrong, and at the least, people still make it. . . obviously), but I haven’t the vaguest recollection where I read about it. Maybe I ran across the info when I bought a little espresso machine years ago (don’t have it anymore) and was researching how to make a really good, authentic cappuccino. I read about food interests alllll the time, and, more than once, I’ve read a lot about coffee (history/how different cultures make it/best brewing methods/best roasting techniques/etc). I just get curious sometimes and dive in! (You know how it is.)

        Yeah, I usually order a macchiato instead of a cappuccino just because hardly anyone makes a cappuccino actually dry when you ask for it.

        By the way, the coffee thing is Melissa’s mission, not mine! I just happened to be part of it when she was here visiting me last weekend. 🙂

        Happy Wednesday (it’s rainy here, but still happy!),

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