In Georgia

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We made it to Georgia!  This trip to the US is different from most because we have one of Sarie’s Italian friends here with us.  Her presence is helpful for us, because we have a good reason to converse in Italian.  But it’s good for our friend, because she gets to hear a lot of English.  We tease her that she’s going to go home with a drawl.  Thankfully, she’s a very good sport.

Yesterday the girls and I spent the afternoon in downtown Athens with my sister.  Among other things, we visited a friend’s jewelry store.  But it wasn’t the jewelry that was the main attraction; it was the my sister’s friend’s sugar gliders.  Sugar gliders are tiny marsupials that look a little like  a cross between lemurs and flying squirrels.  The “sugar” part of the name is because they like sweets. As we found out yesterday, that includes coffee.

We’ll be in the US for six weeks.  More to come!


2 thoughts on “In Georgia

  1. Sugar gliders as pets. Who knew? They are pretty cool looking but it’s still too much like having a flying squirrel in the house…..

  2. Their personalities seem a lot nicer than those of gerbils, in my opinion. They’re not as skittery. But their eating habits are something else! My sister’s friend feeds hers chicken and sweets.

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