Bronx Botanical Gardens


During one of my days in New York City, I had the pleasure of going to the Bronx Botanical Garden with my friend Barbara (above).  Despite  living in the city for fourteen years, I had never been there.  But once there, I thought, “Why have I never been?”

One of the things we saw was the Native Plant Garden, where Barbara’s husband Kirk and their sons had helped Kirk’s brother install the steel undergirding for the wooden walkways (below). So they look lovely, and they’re strong, too!*

The last photo below is of the little red door to a church just outside the gardens.  Cute, don’t you think?  It reminded me of something in Europe.

The trip to the Bronx Botanical Gardens happened before Bob and I went to Hunter (upstate in the Catskills) for a week, but when we got back, Sarie, Lara (our friend from Italy) and I met Barbara and her two youngest kids for pizza at Numero 28 again.  Then we went for coffee.  Even before coffee, we were a talkative group of people who hadn’t seen each other in a while and we had a lot of catching up to do.  And then we started using all our least favorite nouns-turned-to-verbs, like “impact,” and making plays on words.  I’m afraid Lara probably got a little lost during this rapid conversation, but it was so nice to be making jokes in one’s native language again!

Anyway, it’s always nice to see Barbara’s family, and it’s nice to keep up old friendships.  Let’s hope that Pizzeria 28 becomes a new tradition!

*Kirk also helped to install the new iron railing around Central Park’s Reservoir, which is ever so much better than that old chain-link fence).

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5 thoughts on “Bronx Botanical Gardens

    1. Jody, I was in the US for six weeks–two in Georgia and four in NY (NYC and Hunter). Then we went on another adventure, which I will write about shortly. And now we’re back for the fall–or Sarie and I are, at least!

  1. Yes, what a lovely red door located on a charming church building in a rather incongruous corner in the Bronx. A forgotten gem discovered on the walk to the NY Botanical Garden–one of NYC’s crown jewels.

    1. Living in Europe has made me more appreciative of architectural details. I think I noticed this door because I’d been in the MMA so much during my time in NYC.

      And I like your metaphor! Thanks again for introducing me to the garden.

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