by Laura A

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After our family’s six-week trip to the US, Sarie and I barely had time to get back on European time before we found ourselves on the way to the Netherlands, along with Alberto, for an early music festival at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.  We spent nine days there, and while Sarie and Alberto played German Baroque music for violin and oboe, I visited museums.  Then we toured a bit together during the remaining two days.

This was my first major trip to another European country since we moved to Italy (not counting very short day trips to Switzerland and France), so I was pretty curious to see how much things could change within a short distance. Sarie was happy to see Alberto again after six weeks and to finally get some instruction in Baroque music.  All in all, it was a very happy trip.

I’ll probably do two or three posts on the Netherlands, because I went so many places during our time in there. Scroll down for somewhat detailed explanations of the photos below:


Photos above, after the one of me at the top: 1. Sarie, Alberto and Alberto’s oboe teacher at the Early Music festival.  They loved his comical faces and had fun imitating them! 2. A common wooden shutter arrangement in Amsterdam. This type of shutter was almost always painted red or orange. Dutch orange is a very popular color for decorating in the Netherlands.  3. A typical example of the bike culture in Amsterdam.  As Sarie said, “It’s not hard to cross the car part of the street, but you’re taking your life into your hands crossing the bike lanes!”  We also noticed that people there matched their bicycles as people elsewhere match their dogs. 4. A typical canal scene with flowers and houseboats. 5. Serendipty: a floating concert!  6. A shop window: We loved noting all the cozy Dutch details.  7. More bricks and shutters, from the top floor of the Rembrandthuis (hint).