Two years in Torino

by Laura A

Today is, precisely, two years in Torino.  We arrived here on September 6, with a pile of suitcases and our furniture set to arrive in two months. Before we got to our permanent apartment, we moved temporarily seven times. During these two months, Bob took a business trip out of the country for two weeks.  And Sarie auditioned for the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi.

When I started this blog, I had in mind a sort of guide for the perplexed, and perhaps a bit of a happy tourist saga. Reality, and Italy, proved much more complicated. In two years, we’ve barely scratched the surface.  And we’ve changed seasons in our lives.

I may keep posting things here for a while. It makes a nice scrapbook of sorts, and hopefully I’ll look back at it one day full of perspective. But the blog has fulfilled its purpose as a sort of dare to see if we’d stay two years or longer. As I suspected, it’s longer.