Two years in Torino

Today is, precisely, two years in Torino.  We arrived here on September 6, with a pile of suitcases and our furniture set to arrive in two months. Before we got to our permanent apartment, we moved temporarily seven times. During these two months, Bob took a business trip out of the country for two weeks.  And Sarie auditioned for the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi.

When I started this blog, I had in mind a sort of guide for the perplexed, and perhaps a bit of a happy tourist saga. Reality, and Italy, proved much more complicated. In two years, we’ve barely scratched the surface.  And we’ve changed seasons in our lives.

I may keep posting things here for a while. It makes a nice scrapbook of sorts, and hopefully I’ll look back at it one day full of perspective. But the blog has fulfilled its purpose as a sort of dare to see if we’d stay two years or longer. As I suspected, it’s longer.


4 thoughts on “Two years in Torino

  1. Don’t stop now! There’s so much more to share. Photos are wonderful and your comments articulate and fresh. It really helps to see you in your element while you are so far from “home”.

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