La Bella Noeva


Oops, I rather disappeared again, didn’t I?  What have I been doing, besides eating a lot of oil and vinegar on potatoes, practicing calligrafia rustica, and trying to make tiramisù? Well, hard to say, but I’ve been listening to the music in this video a lot over the past few days, and it’s absolutely delightful. Other than it being Baroque music with original instruments and some of my favorite Monteverdi pieces on it, I’m not even that deeply knowledgeable about it. Sarie and Alberto could tell you a lot more, I’m sure. But it’s well worth listening to, all hour and twenty minutes of it. If you hit the “show more” tab, you’ll see the names of the pieces. And there’s a fun sort of surprise encore at the end, too. The singer, Marco Beasley, is not only a skilled singer, but he is very expressive to watch, which I didn’t figure out for a while because at first I was always doing something else while listening.

Finally I got so curious about how someone could be named Marco Beasley and speak French with an Italian accent that I looked up the group, Accordone. Turns out his mother is from Naples, but his father is English. If you bring this video up on YouTube, another one will also come up, with street music from Naples. It’s altogether different, with lots of percussion, but just as interesting.  Buon ascolto!


2 thoughts on “La Bella Noeva

  1. I’ve been saving this post to listen to at a time when my husband wasn’t trying to sleep. Finally today I’m getting back to it at a better time of day, and he is practicing his drums upstairs! Well, I’m just going to turn up the volume…

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