Palazzo Saluzzo Paesano

IMG_0910 - Version 2IMG_0952 My friend Marianna and I went to a modern art show last Friday. As sometimes happens in Torino, the palazzo housing the exhibit eclipsed the event, at least in my mind. Actually, these palazzi are everywhere; They look like ordinary Torinese buildings from the outside, so until you have the opportunity to go inside one, you really never know what riches they might contain.

The Palazzo Saluzzo Paesano was the Baroque city residence of the Marquis of Saluzzo, which is another Piedmontese town to the west of Torino. I’ve been to Saluzzo and it’s pretty picturesque, too.

I was most fascinated with the loggia and stairway leading to the apartments. The last photo is of the windows lining the inner courtyard. This square-building-with-an-interior-courtyard arrangement is very typically Torinese. In fact, our own building has an interior courtyard, though it’s not nearly so elegant! IMG_0951IMG_0948IMG_0947IMG_0949


Rehearsal video for the Passion


Here’s a little rehearsal video for the Passion project, made last week. The musicians are basically the same as for Sarie and Alberto’s Renaissance group, Suavis Concentus, which will be ready to start performing in the fall. The orchestra for the premiere of the Passion, however, will hopefully be much larger. That’s why they’re fundraising! They have about 40% of their needed funds raised with a month left to go.

Anyway, the video has a sample aria for soprano, Baroque flute, lute and viola da gamba. Alberto, as composer, usually conducts, but here of course he’s holding the camera instead. And who is the soprano? Sarie! This was her first attempt at exposed singing, so she was a bit uncomfortable, but Alberto kept trying to reassure her that she could do it, so eventually she consented. She won’t be the soprano in the premiere, but she did get into the part enough to give me a mock glare and say, “Don’t even try to negotiate with me. I’m a soprano!”

The clip is about a minute long and was filmed in our living room.  Enjoy!