Palazzo Saluzzo Paesano

IMG_0910 - Version 2IMG_0952 My friend Marianna and I went to a modern art show last Friday. As sometimes happens in Torino, the palazzo housing the exhibit eclipsed the event, at least in my mind. Actually, these palazzi are everywhere; They look like ordinary Torinese buildings from the outside, so until you have the opportunity to go inside one, you really never know what riches they might contain.

The Palazzo Saluzzo Paesano was the Baroque city residence of the Marquis of Saluzzo, which is another Piedmontese town to the west of Torino. I’ve been to Saluzzo and it’s pretty picturesque, too.

I was most fascinated with the loggia and stairway leading to the apartments. The last photo is of the windows lining the inner courtyard. This square-building-with-an-interior-courtyard arrangement is very typically Torinese. In fact, our own building has an interior courtyard, though it’s not nearly so elegant! IMG_0951IMG_0948IMG_0947IMG_0949


2 thoughts on “Palazzo Saluzzo Paesano

  1. It’s good to see your lovely face! This is a really nice photo. I am at the library, so I have mere minutes to peruse a page or two of your blog! 🙂 But it is nice/fun to see a bit of your world.

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