Mountain concert


Last weekend the old Baroque group Aurea Armonia, in which Sarie and Alberto met, reunited with a few other instrumentalists and combined with Eufoné (incidentally, the choir in which Alberto’s parents met) to perform several Baroque pieces, including all of Bach Canata 140. Sarie and Alberto both had considerable instrumental solo parts. The concert took place in Corio, a small town about an hour outside of Torino near the mountains.

Sarie and Alberto have been doing quite a lot of concert traveling lately, as well as a lot of other creative activity related to early music and film, so I’ll try to do some more posts about these soon. Meanwhile, I particularly liked this concert because it was nice to see the old group reunited under the tutelage of Eufone’s Alessandro Ruo Rui, and I liked the cozy feeling of being there on the first crisp fall evening in the mountains. It takes considerable effort for me to attend these concerts, since I still don’t have a driver’s license, but when I’m able to arrange a ride, I always find it well worth the effort.

(The first photo above is of the main church in Corio. Below are three photos of the rehearsal and then one of the final concert. The original four members of the Baroque group, including Sarie and Alberto, are on the right. The three rehearsal photos below were taken by Aldo Mattea.)



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