New film project

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 (Above: Film stills from Imago Cristi)

As promised, here is a bit more news about Alberto and Sarie’s creative projects. Last year I posted about Sarie acting in Alberto’s film 1245 AD, a movie based of local medieval history. He eventually had to put it on the back burner, because it became impossible to schedule the local re-enactment group for the crowd scenes. Alberto had been working on that film since he was seventeen–all through the end of high school and conservatory, so naturally he was very reluctant to let go of it. But not long afterwards, he had come up with about three other ideas for films, all of which were less difficult to arrange logistically.

The movie idea that finally took off was an adventure film, Imago Cristi, based on a historical account of a 16th Century pilgrimage.  Alberto’s character, Leonardo, is a mercenary and prodigal with a mysterious past. At the time when he’s hired as part of a convoy to transport valuable cargo over the Alps to Cardinal Borromeo, he is cynical and without hope. But something happens along the route that will change his perspective permanently.

Sarie has a small part in this movie as well. But mostly, it’s a film about swords and derring do. I know this because we’ve been ordering enough historically accurate weapons to stock a small armory.

I’ve also been working on some story boards for the film. I never heard of film storyboards before Alberto asked me to do some. I’ve had a hard time accepting the fact that you can’t get too wrapped up in how each drawing looks, artistically-speaking. The point instead is to do a schematic diagram of every single shot in the film and show how the camera moves.

Incidentally, about a week before the filming, the film crew lost access to the space they were going to use for the tavern. At first there was wailing and gnashing of teeth as they tried unsuccessfully to juggle the actors’ schedules for a different day. But then they got permission to use an even better location! (The one you see in these photos.) After that, Alberto had to quickly redraw all the storyboards to work for the new space. So ha! That’s what I get for being too finicky about my drawing!

The filming finally took place in Lanzo, about an hour outside Torino, Friday before last. Below I’ve posted a few behind-the scenes photos of the filming. All of these movie projects, needless to say, are filmed on a shoestring, using volunteers. But Alberto sets extremely high standards for historical accuracy and cinematography. And he’s very determined to finish this one. Stay tuned or join their Facebook page for more news!

(Behind the scenes, below: 1) Alberto looks worried as Sarie gives his wig a haircut. As you can see in the next photo, it turned out fine! 2-4) Merrymakers improvising for the tavern scene. They aren’t really drinking wine. When they are drinking anything, it’s vinegar, which they then have to spit out! 5) One of the original story boards, from about the third page into the tavern scene.

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(All photos except story board were taken by a member of the film crew.)


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