Quick update about the concerts

by Laura A


Baroque ensemble Aurea Armonia in San Filippo Neri today (photo by Aldo Mattea)

After a year of composing, planning, fundraising, and organizating, the Passion concerts for the oratorio Alberto wrote took place this weekend. Baroque ensemble Aurea Armonia (plus a few guest instrumentalists), five soloists, and a choir of 35 performed a Baroque-inspired Easter narrative from the Gospel of John in two Turin churches on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

Both performances packed large churches (one the largest in Turin) and received standing ovations. It was really amazing to see this come together, but as you can imagine, everyone is exhausted (in a happy way) and it’s going to take a little while to get photos and videos edited and posted. If you have Facebook, however, you can click the link above and follow the ensemble’s Facebook page, which means you’ll get updates.