Sarie and Alberto in Grado


I thought I’d make an easy re-entry into blogging by sharing some photos from Sarie and Alberto’s medieval group’s re-enactment in Grado last weekend. Their group pays a lot of attention to accuracy, which means handcrafted everything. No fantasy halloween costumes!

But they do allow cameras, so Sarie took hers. She has way outpaced me as a photographer by now, so I’m always glad when she lets me use a few of her photos (the photo of her at the bottom playing the saz was obviously taken by someone else). If you want to see more of her work, you can go here.

A particularly lovely part about this particular re-enactment was that it was so far eastward in Italy that it was almost in Slovenia, and it was a block from the Adriatic Sea. Sarie and Alberto usually go to these re-enactments as musicians, but this time Alberto discovered that he liked weaving, and he and Sarie also spoke English to tourists. And when they weren’t on duty they went to the beach. Not a bad weekend!



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