Taking a brush trial to finish

Brush trial oil

I’ve now taken one of the brush trials (Old Faithful Oil) to finish–or provisional finish, at least. I’m still figuring out what finish looks like for me. And I’m not excluding the idea of a rough, abstract finish at all, but this one came out pretty solidified.

I couldn’t resist a texture overlay on the dress, and I didn’t mind leaving the dress wispy, but there’s really nothing like a good set of rubber rain boots in an early 1970s color of green.


3 thoughts on “Taking a brush trial to finish

  1. Readers,

    If you want to view any of these images at a much larger size, do the following:

    1) Right-click on the image

    2) Choose “Open image in new tab” from the menu (may be worded differently in various browsers)

    3) Select the new tab

    4) In the address bar, delete the question mark and everything following, then press enter

    The page should refresh, with the image now filling the browser window. Also, when you move the mouse cursor over the image it should turn into a magnifying glass.

    When the glass has a plus-mark in the center, click to have the image expanded to its full size, with scroll bars that can be used to pan around the image.

    When the glass has a minus-mark in the center, the image is fully expanded and clicking will shrink it back to fill the browser window.

    Sorry for the geeky detail, but being able to see the textures clearly is worth the effort!

  2. Thanks, Melissa and Rick! I had no idea you could do that enlargement trick. But then, I can often do the same thing on my Mac simply by placing two fingers on the trackpad and then pulling them apart. Anyway, if you enlarge the image, you see it much the same way as I did while working on it 🙂

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