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  1. Wonderful pictures and family, Hi, my name is Marco a father of a 13 year old piano student in the US, I like to take my daughter to Bari Italy to study with a great piano teacher there but I’m a bit lost since I do not know anything about how to educate a music student in Italy, I would love to know if I can homeschool my daughter there for her to have enough time to practice and if it is legal or if they can have a tutor to study all the subjects in English, any help or assistance you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Marco,

      I probably can’t tell you as much as you’d like, since my daughter had to go to school in the end to get a recognized diploma. If you’re not planning to attend a European conservatory at the university level, however, you might not need the diploma.

      It is legal to homeschool in Italy, but not many Italians know that or understand it. The basic idea is that you are supposed to teach the national curriculum and take the required subject exams every year, but I’m not sure everyone does it like that. You can find out a lot more from people who’ve done homeschooling in Italy through the group Educazione Parentale.

      Also, high school has five years instead of four, so it’s hard to set up an equivalency for a diploma, whether you go to school in the US or homeschool. In the end, that was our problem rather than homeschooling per se. There are requirements on the website Study in Italy (it’s part of the Italian Ministry of Education website), but we couldn’t find anyone who would acknowledge them.

      Have you lived in Italy before? It’s a very different experience from living in the US, especially from living in the greater NYC area. Also, the music teaching philosophy is very different. We’ve gotten more used to things here now, but at the beginning, it was quite frustrating to do things in the only way we knew and to get nowhere. And we live in the city (Torino) that is probably more like the US than any other Italian city. I would imagine that Bari would be yet another remove from life in the US.

      Anyway, I hope that helps a little. Let me know if you have other questions!

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